Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Some of our customers know exactly how to separate the “real" and "fake" Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak Roasting and Brewing process

We have discovered that some people from Java Indonesia have been offering simulated Kopi Luwak from Semarang, and it is just FLAVORED coffee blend (it is not the original Kopi Luwak coffee beans that you are looking for). That's why they are selling with no refund policy and claim to have unlimited supplies (Real Kopi Luwak can only be produced for a maximum quantity of 1,000LB/year). Real Kopi Luwak only comes from the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. These luwaks are the Sumatran native animals. Do not believe in any certificate issued by any Indonesian institutions, because they are a very corrupt organization. Our reputation speaks for itself. If you are not fully satisfied, you will get your money back for a full amount of the merchandise that you paid for. Be extra cautious when you are going to make any Internet transaction with anybody in Indonesia and Hong Kong! There is no Basic Business Etiquette in most of Asian countries. This SIMULATED (fake) Kopi Luwak has been distributed enormously through Java Indonesia and sold for less than $10.00 (ten US dollar) per pound. Do not let yourself be a victim of these scammers. When they offer a very low price with unlimited supply, you must ask yourself, Does it make sense?

Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Indonesian Java Blend

The lush and beautiful Indonesian island of Java produces such famous coffee that many people have forgotten that Java isn't just a synonym for coffee! The rich volcanic soil and tropical monsoon climate is ideal for all coffee varieties, and the wide range of growing altitudes means both Robusta and Arabica can flourish here. We're happy to be able to offer you our own Java coffee today!

colorful volcano crater lake in Java

Indonesian Java Blend

This 50/50 blend of Arabica and Robusta is a superbly balanced coffee that delivers a rich and earthy gourmet taste every time. Versatile for a variety of brewing methods (hot or cold) and extremely aromatic, this Javanese coffee has the typical dusky tones of Sumatran coffee but a clean, clear taste. Stores well as an iced coffee in the fridge.

There are hints of chocolate and spice in this superbly finished blend created for export. We are the only importer in the USA to carry this coffee, one of the favorite blends in fine coffee shops and restaurants in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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