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Biscotti, Combination True Luwak Coffee

Shape petite, sweet-savory-sweet flavor. He can accompany your coffee. Biscotto (plural: biscotti) name.

If you order an espresso at the shop with the American concept, not infrequently your coffee will be accompanied by a small cake, a kind of biscuits, called biscotti. Usually enriched biscotti flavor of nuts or spices anise. Like the cookies, biscotti texture dense and contains very little water (low moisture). It was sweet and savory, can enrich the taste of coffee - or other drinks - that you consume.

Civet Coffee Biscotti favors accompanied by a delicious taste of spoiling your tongue.

Luwak coffee biscotti
Although generally used to indicate the biscuits from Prato, biscotti in Prato, in their modern Italy is also known widely by the "gap" name and "cantuccini." These names really recommend other products similar regional Italian. The cantuccini length ("small crack") is a commonly used now in Tuscany, but originally referring to the variation or imitation that deviate from the traditional recipe in a few important points such as the use of yeast, acid (to make them less dry) and flavorings. Nooks really great biscuits, bread dough enriched with olive oil rural and fennel seeds.

Confusion in the name may have been born from the fact that the old sign (still there) from "Biscottificio Antonio Mattei," a leading manufacturer of biscuits from Prato, written just below the store name: "Manufacturer angle," which at the time was one of the main products cake. The sign remains unchanged, and after such a long time people used to associate the name "crack" for a new cake.
In Italy, biscotti are made with pine nuts instead of almonds may be called pignoli. Regional variations and other names include: bizcochos, [2] rosegons, and carquinyoli (plural carquinyolis sometimes carquinyols), typical of Sardinia and Sicily. Luwak coffee - LUWAKKU

In its development, biscotti change function of the main food into light snacks are also dessert. In Italy, biscotti served with vin saint (dessert wines), while in America, biscotti made friends coffee and tea.

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